Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What One Does When One's Machine Is In The Shop

One resorts to hand-sewing...

I decided to do some needle-turn applique on my lavender quilt since my Pfaff has gone under the knife and won't be out of recovery for a week or so. I usually do my applique the quick-and-easy way (fuse, then machine satin or blanket stitch). But I hate my back-up machine and since DH picked up SPACE, a wonderful sci-fi TV series (NOT!), I thought I would redeem the time with a little old-fashioned hand-sewing while wittily mocking said series. Hopefully I can finish the applique on this quilt top before my machine returns. Sadly, the free-motion foot I needed (mine had broke from constant hard use) to finish this quilt was not in stock. It had to be special ordered and who knows how long that will take. I have another quilt waiting to be stippled as well. So things are backing up in the quilt department. Guess I'll get good at this hand-sewing thing.

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Jackie said...

Thanks for your comment.
Its nice to get back to hand sewing once in a while isn't it?
I must try it soon!

Paula said...

I like hand sewing. It's hard to make mistakes.