Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What One Does When One's Machine Is In The Shop, Part Two

One plants flowers...

You can see that we're needing to paint. To the right there are strips of colors I was considering. And I had painted the dark green trim as an experiment. Was thinking the door would go scarlet and the house body a mushroom color. Since we got a beautiful new gray/black roof, I've changed my mind. I am going to go with a pale gray on the house, black trim and stay with the scarlet door. Actually, we're getting a new, much nicer door. I wish DH would let me ditch the cedar front. I hate orange tones. But he loves it, so it stays.

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sweetiepie said...

Your house is beautiful! I am with your hubbie, I love the natural cedar on the front and the dark green trim really sets it off. I get the feeling of a lodge out in the woods or something.

Good luck with your paint project.