Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yet More Skirts....

I think by December and the end of The Hundred Skirts Project, I am going to be thoroughly sick of skirts! LOL! As of the 2009 New Year this blog will be declared a Skirt-Free Zone.

This skirt set is another one for the families my Dad will be visiting in Guatemala separate from his visit to the orphanage where the 100 Skirts will be sent. I have completed the 6 yo, 8 yo and now a 13yo's skirts. I have one more 13 yo to sew for and I'm done with skirts for a few weeks. I won't do anymore until after I return from my trip. This last skirt is almost completed. It is the same as the one below. The tee's applique will be slightly different. But I will spare you the final skirt's pic. Just imagine the same as this one only with a baby blue applique. Okay?

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