Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alphabet Adventures - "Y is for YOU!"

Today's Alphabet Adventure is brought by the Letter Y and YOU! That's right, YOU! It's your turn to sew. And maybe win a prize for your efforts. Here are a list of online sewing contests I've searched out for you, as well as some suggestions for finding contests locally. If you decide to enter any of these and win, be sure to let me know!

Make It With Wool - I have been fascinated with this contest ever since my Jr. High Home Economics buddy, Mari Moser, won 3rd place in the National Contest. She was a school celebrity for weeks. :) While the 2008 contest has already closed, keep an eye on the website for 2009! This is a great contest with really good-looking entries.

Pattern Review Contests - The Pattern Review website has quite a few ongoing contests on a variety of subjects from Lined Jacket to Stash-busting to Charity sewing. Prizes are usually donated sewing-related items from the websites various sponsors. I won an ironing board cover there as 2nd runner up in a charity sewing contest! :)

Love to Sew/Fashion Design Contest
This is a "fashion forward" contest for designers of all ages. Lots of age categories. Prizes supplied by Crafts of Chadds Ford.

Love to Sew Quilt Contest
- Also sponsored by the Love to Sew website. This has several quilt categories in various age and skill categories. Winning quilts to be displayed on the website.

American Sewing Guild Contest
- If you're a member of the American Sewing Guild, they have a yearly contest. The 2008 season is already closed, but it's not too early to start thinking about 2009. I've been thinking about joining the guild for some time. Are any of you readers members?

World of Waverly Decorating Contest - This is a national sweepstake with some pretty tempting prizes. A trip to New York. The services of a top decorator. You simply write an essay on how Waverly fabrics changed your family's life or some such thing. :) I'm sure you could spin this if you just thought long enough!

U-Handblog Amy Butler Bags Monthly Contest
- A monthly contest sponsored by teh U-Handblog site. If you haven't been there before you need to get over there and check out her cool bags. Some great tutorials as well. Her monthly contest features bags made from the Amy Butler bag patterns.

Indie Fixx, a crafting blog, has frequent giveaways and contests. Check out the current going-ons HERE.

While not currently running a contest, the Sew Mama Sew blog frequently offers contests and giveaways. Their most recent Tutorial contest was fantastic! Pop in to see what they offer next. maintains a listing of currently running contests. Bookmark this one!

American Quilters Society - This national quilting organization features five different quilt expos around the nation in 2008. Each expo includes a quilt competition. Check out the website to see which are still open for 2008 and to download a registration guide.

Sew News is having a "Design a Falling Leaf Applique" contest. Winners will be featured in the December 2008 Sew News as well as online. The deadline is August 15th, so get a move on!

Here's your chance to win a Bernina Artista. Enter the "Festival of Machine Embroidered Quilts" contest. The deadline is coming soon, so visit HERE!

State and County Fairs - Fall is coming and with it state and county fairs from coast to coast. These local fairs are usually great opportunities to showcase your talent and earn (admittedly modest) cash prizes.

Local Quilt and Sewing Shops - Check the bulletin boards of your local sewing and quilt shops for national and local contest announcements. I have often seen local quilt guilds sponsor a variety of themed contests. If you're nervous about entering a national competition, get your feet wet these way!

Sewing Magazines - When you have nothing better to do in a grocery store, rifle through the sewing and craft magazines. Most magazines sponsor several contests a year on very specific subjects. it's up to YOU! Get out there and strut your stuff. Who knows? You may carry home a blue ribbon!



suzof7 said...

My daughter participated in the wool competition for the first time this year. She made a swing jacket and vest, and got 4th place for sewing and 2nd for modeling. She was thrilled! I could have made a sack and won second place - there was only one adult this year. It was bittersweet for my friend because she worked so very hard on her outfit - complicated patterns with the addition of a basket weave design on the collar, and on top of that, gorgeous needle felted pears! It was amazing - I need to beg her for a picture. All that work and artistry, and no competition at all. But at least she gets to go to state!

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

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Hope all is well, have a great night :-)
Amy Sutter