Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tentative Art Coat Plan

This is my first tentative plan for my Evening Art Coat. I have several things I'm still deciding. Input welcome.

1) Wool coating or wool flannel or twill: Wool coating is more practical here in Alaska, but would the appliques be a nightmare on such a heavy fabric.

2)How much embellishment: Should I do the collar? Should the border turn the corner and extend up the front opening?

3)What fabric for the appliques: Batiks? Wool Felt? Funky, brightly patterned prints?

4)What is the best way to apply the velvet edging to reduce bulk?

5)I have a brightly patterned plaid poly taffeta I'd like to use for the lining strictly from a design point of view, but am worried about its sewability and the rustling noise. Should I stick with flannel backed satin which eliminates the need for interlining?

6)Hem length: Debating between just above the knee (longer than the pattern) or long, almost cloak length?


Claudine said...

That looks like a really fun project! I love your sketches. Try not to be too shy about using color. Would you really wear a floor-length coat? If your lifestlye can accommodate it, go for it!

CharityinAlaska said...

Not floor length as much as lower shin-bone. Here in Alaska that might not be practical because of dragging in snow, road salt, etc. I tend to wear my skirts mid-shin or above knee. I think skirts sticking out below a coat look funny. I was trying to figure out how to accommodate ALL my potential hemlines. Perhaps that's unrealistic?


Mom2fur said...

Wow, that's going to be gorgeous. Would you do a muslin of the coat? I think you'd have to see the length on you to know if lower-shin-bone would work. Since it's such a wide coat, it could make you look like a munchkin if it's too long.
As far as the embellishment, I'm sure as you are working on it, you'll know when to stop, LOL!

CharityinAlaska said...

I'll probably do a rough muslin, but not a complete lined test garment. I am 5'9" and usually wear heeled boots, so I can wear a larger silhouette.


Paula said...

Charity, I'm not sure if you're really looking for input, but I say go for the longer coat. I think the shorter length would look cluttered with you planned embellishments.

My opinion is, yes, the embellishment should go up the front opening of the coat, but not all the way. And not necessarily by turning the corner, alternatively, you could graduate the height of the embellishment.

Last little bit here...I think wool fel would be amazing. You can get great colors and it will be compatible with the base fabric of the coat. I think cotton would look wimpy.

I can hardly wait to watch this project unfold!

CharityinAlaska said...

Absolutely I'm interested in input! There are always blind spots in our plans. I appreciate the insight that others can bring. I like the idea of wool felt too. It's what I'm most prone to use at the moment.

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

It's fun seeing your thought/design process! Looking forward to seeing the finished product! :-)