Friday, May 23, 2008

What One Does When One's Machine Is In The Shop, Final Episode

One finishes a quilt top (well, almost finished)...

Perfect timing too! My sewing machine is ready to be picked up. I will finish the handwork on the quilt top in the car on the way to town to retrieve my Pfaff. I only have some hand-stitching on the leaves and flowers left to do. Evidently Pfaffs get priority attention since the repair shop is also the local Pfaff dealer. I only had to wait 4 days instead of two weeks. Not so bad. Makes me feel guilty for whining. :)

So I have two quilt tops ready for sandwiching and basting. That is my least favorite part of the quilting process. But I'll suck it up and get them both ready to go. My free-motion foot will not be coming in for awhile yet. The quilts will have to wait a couple of weeks before I can finish them up.

When they are completed, the lavender quilt is headed to Nana's House. The flannel quilt below is overdue. I started it about a year ago for a 5 yo girl whose baby sister had unexpectedly died of a sudden respiratory illness. A group of us had made a memory quilt for the family, but I was working on one for the little sis as well. I finished the quilt top and then went on a trip. When I got back from the trip the quilt got buried with another dozen or so UFOs. That's what one gets for juggling far too many projects at the same time. Inevitably a ball gets dropped. So...once that one is quilted, it will be sent on to little Melody a year after the fact. But I hope the love and comfort intended will still be felt. It's just a simple patch square, but the flannels are super soft and have little baby animals on them.

So...I survived my week without my sewing machine. I got all my planting done, a closet made over, some nicer-than-usual meals cooked and a quilt top finished. Next up will be finishing the two quilts. But after that? This is what I'm thinking:

**Finish planning and shopping for Art Coat

**Cut out Karess Harvest Dress. See the appliqued girl's dress in the sidebar? That one sold when I had my children's design business, But I promised one to my little model who attends our church. She just adored that dress and just smiled ear to ear the whole time she modeled it for photos. So she needs one, KWIM? The applique takes a long time so I thought if I start it now, it'd be ready by Fall! LOL!

**Cut out a couple of quick summer tops for myself. The summer weather has hit here and suddenly I have nothing to wear. I am not a summer-kind of girl. I love the Fall with its wool and sweaters and layers and jackets. So I am constantly caught off-guard by the warmer weather. I need something fast!

And I'm off to town to pick up my machine....



Anonymous said...

Oh Melody's quilt looks wonderful...I'm sure she's going to love it and not care when it got there :)

I have that fleece upstairs to crochet around too...I need to get started on that for Nana's house...thanks for the reminder :)

Very happy you and your machine will be reunited (and it feels so right...reunited lol) :) :)

Karen said...

I love your Japanese Inspired Quilt and your Art Coat will be awsome! The Comfort Quilt, I'm sure will bring much comfort to the little princess that receives it. Glad to hear that you have your machine back.