Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Hundred Skirts Fashion Show

I have had 15 skirts arrive for The Hundred Skirts Project this week. Twelve from Betty (TX) and three from Noreen and daughter (NY). The ladies did an amazing job. They are all so beautiful and I am just thrilled to share them with you. The photos simply do not do them justice. They are even more darling in person. If it was like Christmas for ME to open them, can you imagine how much fun it will be for the girls? I hope this thought blesses those of you who are so generously giving of your time and resources.

This is Noreen's "Hoo's Got Pockets?" Her daughter created the tags to go with the skirts. Aren't they adorable.

Noreen's "Color Garden". The skirt has a flounce with bias band and 3 buttons tied on with embroidery floss. The corduroy in this skirt feels like velvet.

Noreen's "Periwinkle Blues." The skirt has a flounce with eyelet trim and is made from the softest pique.

Betty is from Texas. She was an early arriver to The Hundred Skirts Project and signed up to do TWELVE skirts. I was awed! And each skirt is beautiful. They are made from brightly patterned, high quality cottons in tropical and themed prints that are perfect for a warm weather climate. I know the girls will love their skirts and have a lot of fun playing "eye spy" with some of these prints! And can you imagine doing that many double ruffles on that many skirts? The woman deserves a halo!

These are two of Betty's 12 skirt set. The lobster print is "Lori Lou" and the chicken print is "Josie Mae." Betty named her skirts after female family members.

A big round of applause to Noreen and Betty for a job well done! You both did a marvelous job!


nancy huggins said...

Wow..That is some really nice Skirts..some good imaginations too. I have been doing some creative things with making Aprons and will soon be listing my items in an online craft show, It starts next Wed.
Do you remember me from POTP with Cora..We have a new group now and would like to invite you if you would like to join and we could figure out how. You could email Cora through her ebay store...I don't have anything listed right now.
I have enjoyed your blog..please feel free to visit mine...not as nice as yours but I'm still working on it :)

CharityinAlaska said...

Hi Nancy - I do remember you all from my selling days on Ebay. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. But I'm not selling on Ebay anymore or Etsy right now either. Thanks for the invitation, but I really never get over to Ebay anymore. They still charge me every month and I was actually thinking about canceling my account entirely because of it. But I have bookmarked everyone's blogs and look forward to keeping in touch that way! :) :) I'm off to check out yours!

Paula said...

Charity, those skirts look fantastic. I'll be starting work on the rest of mine right after I make a purse for my daughter (she's been waiting for months!).

faerie enchantment said...

Look at all those gorgeous skirts! love it!