Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bad Stuff Happens

Yesterday was A Very Bad Day. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. And yesterday we were pitched a particularly nasty one. We attended the Walkathon as planned. DH started to not feel well, but he attributed it to eating too much watermelon for breakfast. We had taken two cars to the event so I could go home and finish the cape while he and Casey went on to the Biker Blessing. I left the parking lot before them and headed to JoAnn's to pick up some rattail cord to make the Chinese ball button for the capelet. My efforts to make cording from the Chinese brocade were disastrous. It frayed. The seams pulled loose. It was too stiff to turn in on itself when attempting to turn the tube. Just a mess. I was at JoAnn's when I got a panicked call from my son that something was wrong with Craig. He was in a lot of pain and retching. They were headed home. I dropped everything and headed home as fast as I could. When I got home DH was in agony. I took one look at him and knew something serious was going on. I told him it was either ER or I call 911. We raced off for ER with me on the phone to 911 urging them to tell the hospital to be ready. Even so...we got there and waited FORTY-FIVE minute while DH was literally on his knees on the floor groaning in agony. I was furious. The wait was so ridiculous that the ER Doctor later told us to please file a complaint. He said if it had been heart-related (which should have been a considered option with that pain level), the wait could have had disastrous results.

Will spare you the nightmare 8 hours that followed. But Dh was finally released that night. Kidney stones. About a half dozen of them. With blockage. But they finally passed. I have never seen anyone in that much pain. The doctor gave his pain a 9 on the pain scale. Far worse than I remember my childbirth being. There are no words to describe how helpless you feel when someone you love so much is in so much torment and there is nothing you can do.

And we missed all those wonderful first formal event memories. :( :( My eldest son rushed home from college to help his little brother get dressed, take photos and do the chauffeuring. And my dear friend, Pam (Emily's mother), had pics in my mailbox before we even got home. But it's not the same as being there and between groans even Craig was expressing his dismay at missing Casey and Emily's big night.

And no...I wasn't able to get her capelet done for her. :( :( :( was my birthday. But, my big present for the day was taking my husband home alive. It could have been worse.



buckeyesue said...

Awww, Charity, I am so sorry!

I hope that your DH is feeling much better now, and that he doesn't have such an attack ever again.

I'm sorry that you missed the big event, but am glad that your other son and friend, Pam, stepped in.

I hope you will still post some pictures of Casey and Emily.

Anonymous said...

Praising God Craig is okay!!

Hand over the pics and no one gets hurt!!

Love ya,

Mom (aka Pamerla)

Keely said...

I'm so glad your DH is ok. What a shame you missed the big event but you must be so proud you can rely on your eldest if needed.

Keith said...

I am so glad that you husband is better! That was certainly a BAD day. My husband went through that about a year ago or so. It was so hard to watch him go through it! I know how hard that day was for you!

Lindsay T said...

Phew, glad that's over!

Paula said...

Charity, I'm so glad that everything turned out okay in the end. I had a similar situation Sunday/Monday. Three trips to E.R; two back to back on Sunday and an all day event yesterday. I can't believe how exhausting it is.

Marjie said...

I had kidney stones 3 days befor Christmas 2 years ago, and it was worse than labor. I am so sorry your husband endured this, and on your birthday. Your son and his date looked so cute!