Monday, March 03, 2008

Sewing Lessons Day

Can't believe Monday has already rolled around and another sewing day has come and gone. The weeks just whip by! Today we finished up our instruction on seams and seam finishes. We focused on Creative Seaming Techniques and learned how to do slot seams, fringed, fringed and overlapped, bound and overlapped and selvage seams. I had been wanting to learn how to do slot seams so I learned right along with them. The girls made samples of each completing their worksheets on Seams and Seam Finishes. Next week we will move on to appliques, eventually covering more than a dozen different types of applique before delving into fabric modification techniques.

On the project front, Emily began cutting out and marking the pieces for her lined and hooded "furry" coat. She keeps picking difficult fabrics and lined garments with many pieces and zippers. I think the girl has a self-destructive streak. :)

Sarah finished the final details on the shell of her vest and began tweaking the lining. She has been absolutely driven to achieve a perfect fit and with resounding success. This vest fits her to complete perfection. We started with a basic vest pattern, but she has so tweaked and redesigned that it's practically an original draft for her. I am very impressed with her diligence and patience.

The girls have really progressed. Today I found that I was getting a lot of my chores done between instruction moments with them. Then I realized that they had developed the ability to work fairly independently as they gained mastery of controlling their seam allowances and in their the ability to interpret pattern directions. They no longer needed me hovering right over their shoulder pointing out potential problems or telling them what they needed to do next. They still need reassurance that things are in order before cutting or stitching, but they are almost always right in their perceptions at this point. I simply look it over, give a nod and they're off on their own again until the next step. I'm working myself out of a job! LOL! :) :)


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