Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Eyelet Paranoia Revisited

Okay...finally finished this t-shirt. DH set the eyelets for me because I was just too scared I would screw it up. He had problem with one eyelet. Because this is a fairly soft knit, the holes tended to stretch quite a bit. On one eyelet the raw edge of the hole kept pulling out of the eyelet rim. We solved this by adding interfacing directly under the hole as the interfacing simply on the facing didn't seem to be adequate. This looks really cute on, but I am a bit too self-conscious about my weight right now to model it for you. :( Give me another 10 pound loss first. :)


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Paula said...

Charity, I had to dig to find the original paranoia post...I don't blame you, I would be paranoid, too. There's a pattern in the February BWOF magazine that calls for eyelets, so I'm anxious to see how yours turn out.

And thanks for visiting my blog; you're my first visitor!