Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Overly Ambitious Day

Okay...youngest son (Casey) is out for Spring Break and we've been doing nothing but partying for days now. I have GOT to get some stuff done today. I want to get a hunky chunk of the Spring Deep-Cleaning Thing done. I want to sew several skirts for The Hundred Skirt Project. I want to reorganize my jewelry (my pocketed hanger fell off the back of the door and all the contents spilled out). I want to start in on reshuffling around my sewing room. I want to cook and put away several meals. I want to finish two UFO sewing projects and start a new one. Obviously, not going to get to it all done today, but there it is.

To keep me really hopping, I'm going to post everything I get done today. I'll just keep updating this post. Hopefully the thought of public exposure will keep me from hanging on the couch with my kid (as important as that truly is!).


Hair Done
Make-up Done
Stripped Bed
Made Up Bed With Fresh Linens
Picked Up Master Bedroom (not a deep clean yet)
Vacuumed Master Bedroom
Wiped Down Master Bath (not a deep clean yet)
Fed Pets
Scouted Out Message Boards and Read Email (okay, this one should have gotten skipped)
Picked up Homeschool Room (not a deep clean yet)
Vacuumed Homeschool Room
Dusted Homeschool Room
Lysol'ed Down Computer Desk
Finished Gray-Pinstriped Shirt
Wrote Pattern Review for the above
Ironed Caleb's dress shirt and dress pants
Ironed 1920s vintage toddler bubble romper
Picked up Foyer (still need to mop, clean woodwork and dust furniture!)
Hauled 5 loads of stuff from upstairs to storage
Washed, Dried, Folded, Put Away Three Loads Laundry
Ran an Errand
Finished muslin of Bubble Dress (but decided against it in a woven solid and scrapped the muslin. However, I want to give this pattern one more try in a print matte jersey)
Cut Out the Dries Van Noten Knock Off


You can see a review of this design here

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Anonymous said...

Oh you did have to remind me I'm supposed to be doing that spring cleaning thing!
I love the gray and red - That is one nice shirt.