Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sewing Lessons Monday

I'm a day late getting this up because of a freak accident that crushed our phone jack box, knocking out our internet and phone connection for a day and a half. I'd like to say that I was super productive during that time, but....um....I wasn't. :)

We did, however, go forward with our Sewing Lessons day. During our "teaching time" we began our unit on applique covering fusible web with satin stitch, fusible web with zig-zag, fusible web with machine blanket stitch, fusible web with hand-embroidered blanket stitch and raw edge applique with thread painting. Next week we will cover the freezer paper method and needle turn applique.

Project time was shorter than usual because we got a later start than normal. But the girls did make some progress. Sarah constructed her shell and her lining and then began bagging. I had sent Emily's sheath dress home with her last week for hand-hemming and a few other minor hand-sewing details. She didn't get it completed so she wrapped that up.

Next week, I hope to see Sarah complete her vest (except for buttonholes) and Emily begin cutting her fashion fabric on her coat. We'll see how it goes!


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