Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trial Run on the Red Polka Dot Skirt Pattern

This is the "muslin" test run of the Nautical Wardrobe skirt that will be made from the red polka dot rayon. I had a pretty good feeling about the pattern so I went ahead and did the "muslin" in a manner that would make it actually wearable. French seams. Bound hem. Beaded detail. I will make up the real thing in the next few days and get it posted. But here is the muslin. It's pretty bright, but I have a sweater in the exact shade of pink in the skirt. And then with a black jacket to tone it down...I think it will be do-able. In addition to the red skirt, I am also working on a white hoodie. I'm replacing the white lace-up tunic with a hoodie. It's more practical and less "costume-y." The hoodie probably has about 3 hours left on it. So I should have two more pieces finished by the weekend.




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