Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nutt'in New to Report

I was hoping to hit the ground running yesterday. Use this long weekend to get a lot of sewing done. But it didn't work out that way. Friday I had to help with a spelling bee at the school. Then I had grocery shopping to do. Casey had a friend over and I was low on groceries. Things get ugly quickly if there is not an adequate supply of snacks available to teenaged boys! So Friday was kind of shot by the time I was done fixing and cleaning up the Taco/Nacho/Burrito Bar for them. I was too exhausted to think about sewing. I don't know how women work full-time, cook, clean, errand run and still find time for a hobby. Or energy to do anything. The kids at the school are great. Super. Love 'em. But after a day or two subbing, I'm completely exhausted!

Sunday is church and then two more teenaged invasions for the afternoon, spending the night and then snowboarding at the Hilltop all day Monday. So...before I knew it the weekend was filled up and gone! Today is the only day I have available. I hope to get at least some sewing done today. And if I pick up pizza instead of cooking for Sunday's Teenaged Invasion, I might be able to get some sewing done during the onslaught. We'll see....

Love my kiddo and am more than happy to delay my plans. His ability to develop friendships and enjoy fellowship is far more important. He will be gone in a few short years. Sniffle. Sob. The last one out of the nest. And once the nest is empty, my sewing machine will still be here.



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Pamerla said...

Bravo! Yes, it will still be there!

I can see it now, dh is away at work, kiddlets are up and out and there is Charity in a flurry of fabrics and thread creating something beautiful.

I might have to come over to be sure you are eating!! That might be fun, I'll bring my work and we can visit uninterrupted...until the grandbabies arrive. LOL!!