Friday, January 18, 2008

Skirting the Issue, The Sequel

Okay....I still haven't mustered up the courage to tackle the rest of the embellishment on my suit. Do you think it would look really bizarre if i just finished sewing it with one side done??? Sigh, love the look. Little patience for detailwork. But it is the details that really make the difference between a couture look and that frumpy homemade look. So I WILL get back to it soon.

But I am doing one more quick skirt from the same pattern used in the houndstooth skirt below. This one is from a navy salt and pepper tweed in a fabric of mysterious patronage. I've had it so long in my stash I don't remember what the fiber content is or even where I bought it. It resembles a very coarse linen. Almost looks hand-woven. Because of the very loose weave of the fabric, I was concerned about the butt bagging out. So I decided to line the skirt. I decided to take advantage of the lining's presence to add a design element. So I will create a ruffle from some red stretch tulle/mesh fabric from my stash and add it to the skirt's lining. Sort of a crinoline effect. I will hem the skirt's exterior shell so as to allow the ruffle to peek out a bit at the bottom. A double row of buttons will be added at the waist/abdomen to mimic sailor pants since the skirt will be part of a Nautical Chic wardrobe I'm sewing for Spring. The skirt will be top-stitched in red.

I'll post a pic when I get it done. I have to make a run to Anchorage soon so it might not be till tomm. that I'm able to finish this.


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