Thursday, August 30, 2007

Studio Blues...

If you've wondered why there have been no new crafts here lately, it's because my crafting/sewing room has gotten totally out of control. Or actually, the framed in space in the basement that will someday be my studio has gotten out of control. It has flowed out of its 2"x4" stud boundaries onto the air hockey table, the ping-pong table and yes...even the foosball table. My studio is only about 11x13 feet or so and I don't know how I'm going to get all that stash in there.

Which is why I'm going to let The Husband win an ongoing disagreement.

When we started to finish our unfinished basement, he was adamant that I needed a bigger space than I had planned for my sewing room. He wanted to merge the two side-by-side rooms that would be his study and my studio into one large space to be my sewing/crafting room. I felt guilty taking away his studio and fought the idea. So he went ahead and framed in my smaller space. But now...I think he was right. So I'm going to let him win this particular fight and build me a massive, honking studio. Generous of me, huh? An extra bedroom upstairs will become his studio instead.

If you have pics or blog posts of your creative area, I would love to see them. Please feel free to post links in the comments area.



Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Charity, I know what you mean.

Believe me you need the space, I let my husband into my workroom but I find myself tip toeing around so as not to make a noise while he is in international telephone meetings. He's going to have to move into the work shop.. lol:))

Lovely to have found you on the blog.

best wishes Ginny (England)

Miss Rhea said...

Well, good for you !! I am finally getting a crafting space of my own next week, as my son is moving out. Goodbye dining room table !! lol