Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dr. Doolittle Lives

I'm surfing the web tonight and absolutely overran by animals. My massive lemon-colored shorthair cat is perched on the back of my computer chair. His weight teetering the chair at an awkward angle that makes my neck ache. Libby, our Russel Jack Terrier, adopted in June from a family needing to leave the state, is sitting ON my feet. Our aged golden retriever sprawls out to my side. He's too large to fit under the desk and at the moment he is...um...odoriferous. Mr. Bonz, the starving, abandoned kitten found barely alive last month on a 4-wheeler trail, is clamoring over my lap and keyboard. He is grateful to now be part of the family after his extended isolation in the back bedroom while we concentrated on restoring him to health. The only animal missing is Coquette, our snotty, vicious, anti-social, but oh-so-gorgeous tuxedo kitty. She's only willing to sit on my lap when she doesn't have to share me with beings less worthy than herself. What can I say? She's a high maintenance diva that we only keep around because she's so pretty. I've never really been an animal person so I'm not sure how I turned into the female equivalent of Dr. Doolittle. They just kind of all showed up one by one. And I was either too weak or too empathetic to say no....


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