Sunday, August 19, 2007

If Your Friends Jumped Off a Cliff...

"If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?"

Did you hear that one growing up? It always cracked me up to hear that one come out of my mother's mouth because if anyone was a trend follower, it was my mother. My Mom is a stylish woman. A natural Dramatic if you're a follower of the Dramatic/Classic/Ingenue/Sporty fashion philosophy. She was usually one of the first to wear the latest fashions and looked great in them. The only faux pas I can remember was her brief experimentation with those hideous pantalooned, puffed sleeve jumpsuits of the late 80s.

But despite the Mom'isms of my youth, I followed the rest of the lemmings off the fashion cliff this week. I had to try those cropped pants. Not quite gauchos. Not really capris. I'm not sure what you'd call them, but I love the look. At 47 years old and 5'9", my legs are about the only decent thing I've got left going for me. So I figured this was one trend I might be able to pull off. When I found a pair of wool herringbone cropped pants at Burlington Coat Factory for (drumroll, please) a mere $4.99 I figured it was my fashion destiny to follow in my mother's footsteps and try a new trend. Even though I live in a semi-rural Alaskan valley where dressing up means a clean pair of jeans and your leather loafers instead of the usual steel toe boots.

There is no way on God's green earth that I'm modeling these babies for you. Not until I lose 25 (okay, okay...35 pounds). But these are pretty close to them. You get the general idea. And I'm happy to pretend that this is me. Missing forehead not withstanding...

Today, cropped pants. Tommorrow I might even try...a cape (inside joke for Jana!).


PS - Can SOMEONE tell me what you're supposed to do for shoes with these things????!!!!

PSS - Cabinet update: Paint is drying. As soon as it's done, the cabinet gets hung and then the fun starts with dressing it up!

PSSS - How DO you pronounce "ingenue" anyway? Seven years of French and I'm still clueless!


Anonymous said...

My, you have been BUSY!! I'm surprised the hum of power tools hasn't kept us up at night and the dust from your renovations hasn't crept over the fence!

If you keep moving ahead with all these "firsts" you may very well soon find yourself filled with an insatiable desire to dig through your closets and find...a PURPLE CAPE to throw over your shoulders - as you dash out the door. I'll be watching!

LauraB said...

I hate to say it but...I call those the Capt Kirk pants bec you will recall they all wore them with the heeled boots.

venusnaturalis said...

Ingenue is awwn-juh-nu. It is like lawn without the l.