Saturday, August 18, 2007

And she shall be called....POWER TOOL GIRL!!!

I'm feeling incredibly macho at the moment. I have managed to remove a kitchen cabinet from the wall without the assistance of my husband! The husband was out of town when I got this bright idea to replace a kitchen cabinet with an antique shelf unit. Armed only with a chisel, hammer, screw gun and Google, I have managed to dismantle and remove a cupboard from the kitchen wall without causing ANY sheetrock damage! Without even scratching the laminate on the cabinet. I have spackled the nail holes exposed after the removal and am preparing to paint the walls, ceiling and trim. After this is done I have the more intimidating job of figuring out how to hang this shelf unit so that it is EXTREMELY secure to the wall - without putting lots of holes in my beloved antique piece. I don't want this thing to come crashing down with all my favorites pieces in it. But with power tools and Google, I feel pretty equipped to take on the world at the moment.

Move over Helen Reddy. I am Power Tool Girl, hear me roar.


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Miss Rhea said...

Oh The glory of a power tool !! Might I suggest a stud finder ? What a great cabinet, and aren't you glad you went back and got it ?