Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

At 16.5, this is Casey's second day of First Day of School. :) We homeschooled him until last year when he asked to attend a private Christian school. So this whole dropping them off at school thing is still new to me. And still makes me wistful and a little teary. We have so little time with our children. Each moment is precious to me. I am grateful for all the years we had together at home. Such wonderful memories. Good times. Lots of laughter. Last night I was making a late night run for lunch snacks. The cashier, picking up on the night-before-school cart contents, made a remark about how I must be doing the happy dance to have my kids out of my hair and my days to myself again. I don't get that and the whole mentality makes me sad.


Cottage said...

Such a handsome young man! I know he must be excited about his new venture. Like you, I want my kids home where I can see and hub 'em, whether or not they are giving hugs away that day. :)

Laume said...

Our youngest homeschooled until last year when he wanted to go to high school, mostly because he wanted to play football. So just a few weeks before he turned fifteen, I took a photo of his "first day of school" as well. I also don't get that whole thing about being glad your kids are back in school. My other four kids did combinations of home school/ private school/ public school. On any given year we had kids home and kids in school. And although I was always happy for them to like school and look forward to it, it wasn't me wanting them out from under foot in the fall.

Carol D said...

I was NEVER happy for my kids to go back to school! I don't get that either. Every moment I had with them at home was precious!

Miss*Laurence said...

you're right. We don't homeschool but I never took a full time job so that I could be there and even more so now, i only work when they are at school (they are 9 and 11). I love being the one who explains the world to them.
We used to live in a flat, and my husband works from home, so holidays were problematic as they were home and not allowed to make any noise. Going out every day turns costly. Still, they always loved school, and I love getting excited with them about new lessons and experiences they've had during the day.

PamperingBeki said...

Oh wow! I know that must've been quite a decision! I do hope he really loves it.

I think I've told you before that my hubby was homeschooled all the way through high school. He never wished for anything else either!

And I agree with you on the 'thrilled to get your gets out of the house' mentality.