Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let's Pretend!

While I'm not particularly fond of Halloween as a holiday, I do love costumes! My number one creative passion is clothing design. I simply do not do enough of it because it is not particularly profitable as a business venture. But it remains my first love. Particularly designing for children. And dress-up is a childhood essential. Imaginative play is so important to a child's development. How fortunate the child who has access to costumes that give full rein to their imagination. Last year I had great fun designing the Fall Fairy costume below. While the dress was a one of a kind and long since sold, the mask IS available on Etsy for those who might be interested.

And as long as I'm revisiting Costumes, these are a few others I did last year. My little model had so much fun dressing up and becoming these different characters. I will probably make a handful of costumes this year and make them available on either Etsy or Ebay. I haven't decided what I will make this year, so if you have suggestions...sing out! I do not do anything "gruesome" and like to focus on historical, fantasy or ethnic-inspired costumes.

Indian Princess

Russian Folkwear

Mongolian Snow Queen

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