Monday, August 27, 2007

A Peaceful Sunday

Sunday was such an absolutely gorgeous day. Not a cloud in the sky. Warm, but not hot temperatures. Just a perfect day to be out exploring our beautiful Alaska. So we loaded the canoe atop the Explorer and took off. Craig had spotted a remote lake from the air that he wanted to explore. We tried unsuccessfully to find it and after a bit gave up and settled on Carpenter Lake. A peaceful lake, about 250 acres. We spent a delightful two hours exploring the lake, circling the entire perimeter. We spotted kingfisher, a loon and a tundra swan. On the way home, we got directions to the elusive lake from a local and hope to make it back there in a few days to explore that one as well. The picture above isn't the actual lake we explored. I was afraid to bring my camera as my canoe skills are a bit rusty. I was concerned that I'd end up with the camera at the bottom of the lake if I overturned the canoe. I hope to take some pictures next time if I can think of a way to waterproof my camera!

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