Friday, August 17, 2007

Currently Under Construction...

I found these awesome candlesticks while treasure-hunting on Thursday. I loved their whimsical appeal and lollipop colors. I thought they'd make cute cupcake/display stands. So I brought them home and glued on some Franciscan saucers. I had one cloche handy and will be glueing on a little knob on the top and then making a tag to dangle from the top. I need to buy one more cloche for the second cupcake stand. Then I just have to decide whether I will keep them or if I sell them whether I should do it singly or as a pair. The stuff on them was just thrown there while making room for them on the shelf. I think they'd be charming when used to serve minature desserts. Their colors and touch of sass makes them perfect for "cute" desserts like petit fours, cupcakes, cream puffs and tarts.

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