Sunday, July 01, 2007

You Couldn't Find a More Faithful Friend

Sometimes the quietly consistent friends in our lives are underappreciated. We take for granted that they will always be there and fail to be as grateful for their loving presence in our lives as we should. I can think of quite a few that fall in this category in my own life, but today I'm thinking of this one.

Copper came into our lives as a puppy. Casey picked him out of the litter because of his unusual blue eyes. He has grown up in our home and is now in advanced old age. He will be 11 in September. Since the lifespan for Golden Retrievers is 8-12 years, he will most likely not be with us many more years. I thought it was high time I took a moment and expressed gratitude for his loving, loyal, gentle, faithful friendship through the years. We could not have found a better canine companion.



Pamela said...

He's such a handsome pup!

Anonymous said...

he looks like cooper from the movie WHAT LIES BENEATH. cute dog great movie!