Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thread Painting

I didn't get much time at my machines today. I actually had to do life instead. Dr. appointments. Errands. Bathroom scrubbing. Homeschool lessons. However, I did spend about 30 minutes working on the appliques for my "Alaska" dress (see post below). The appliques for this garment have so many small runs that I didn't think it would be conducive to do the usual satin stitch edging technique. I had been wanting to try thread painting (free motion embroidery) and thought this might be an appropriate design for such. I started with some simple straight line runs on the sunflower stems and that went so well that I free-motioned in some veins on the leaves. From there I secured the sunflowers in a petal design that ended up reminding me of my childhood spirograph set. Tommorrow I will begin tackling the vegies. Here are some links for those interested in thread painting...

Thread Painting at HGTV

Free Motion Embroidery

Sew Long!


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