Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Reprieve

I've been working on the country-style homespun dress with appliqued skirt (see post below) this afternoon. Frantically so. It's for an Ebay designers event, the North American Boutique Tour, that I thought started tommorrow. I was reluctant to give up the hand-embroidery, beading, piping and built-in crinoline that I felt was necessary to do the design justice, even if abandoning them would make it much more likely that I'd meet the deadline. My eyes began to feel the strain of beading-under-pressure and I decided to take a short break and check the launch host's message board for last minute instructions about the event. Imagine my relief to find that my ever faulty memory had failed me and that the launch didn't start until Friday! I not only will be able to finish this design in time, but I should be able to fit in a photo shoot with a model as well. You can see a pic of the dress in progress below.

And in true procrastinator's fashion...I have ideas for a second Alaskan-themed design. I have cut out an Alaskan native-style kuspuk in a whimsical floral print and coordinating pants in a twill with embroidered crab motif (Alaskan King Crab). Now to get THEM done by Friday as well.

Happy Thread Tails to you!



Pamerla said...

So happy you have some extra time!
Love to see both when you are finished. Cute Cute!

JZ said...

I can NOT WAIT to see this finished!! Your work is always impeccable!