Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marji's Skirts Make 66!

Marji's, of Fiber Arts Afloat, skirts arrived yesterday. Three beautiful skirts in much needed larger sizes! There is a Girl's Size 14 in a vibrant floral on a black background. Then there are two fantastic border prints in dramatically shaded colorways. This fabric is a finely woven cotton with a very silky hand. Very lovely. These are both Misses Size 14s which will be perfect for a couple of the older, larger girls at the orphanage. Thank you so much, Marji. Your contribution will be much appreciated, I know. I am waiting for it to get a little lighter outside for picture-taking and will then post photos.

This brings our total count of skirts actually arrived and ready to go to sixty-six. If you have not yet sent your skirts, there is still time to participate. The deadline for arrival at my home is December 1st!


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