Friday, July 25, 2008

Alphabet Adventures - "U is for Undecided"

The Letter U is going to involve a little audience participation, so find the comment box and get your trigger finger ready....

I am long overdue for a hairstyle change. I have always worn my hair long, full, layered with wave or curl. My husband likes it this way so I can't go to short. My face is rather full so too straight and flat on top doesn't look good on me either. I need a little volume on top and around the eyes. Okay...with those parameters in place, what do you think?

This is me now. My hair is up so you can't really see what it normally looks like. And I had curled it with those crimping irons. It's not normally kinky like that.

And here are the candidates. Please keep in mind that I look NOTHING like any of these gorgeous women and that no hair cut on earth is going to transform me to model material. I've accepted that and am prepared to deal.

Hair Style #1 - I love this, but think it's probably too close to what I have now and won't give me the change I'm looking for. DH, however, loves this look and he has to look at me more than I do...

BTW, that's not her before picture there in the corner. If I thought this haircut had this kind of transforming power, this post would be non-existent.

Hair Style #2 - I like the versatility on this one. The straight or curly. I also like the fun bangs. My concern is that it's too flat on top. And dh's input???..."It looks like she's wearing a helmet." Sigh.

Hairstyle #3 - Now I LOVE this one. If I had a lot of courage, this is what I'd go for. I know my hair type would work well with this one. And it's just so darn "free and easy" looking. However, I'm a little afraid of that much change. I haven't had my hair above my shoulders in about 20 years! And I know DH won't be crazy about it.

Hairstyle #4 - This one is probably the most reasonable choice. It's still a little long, but it still offers a big change from what I have now. My husband doesn't mind it. It has the volume that I need around the eyes and on top. So what's the problem? For some reason it screams "Joan Collins" to me. Maybe it's the pearls. Maybe it's the lipstick. But it scares me a little. Will I look like a 60 year old woman who has never outgrown her (debatable) glory days? It just looks a little "mature" for me. On the other hand...I AM 48yo and way past the Morgan Fairchild haircut days.

Help me, ladies. There's no better way to make such a personal and important decision than to relegate it to people who have never met you and whom you barely know....

Leave a comment, please. I need to make up my mind by next Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

I like numbers one and four. Straight hair styles don't work so great with wavy or curly hair.


goodworks1 said...

Three. Definitely three. You can always add some waves/loopy stuff to make it look more like # four or your current look as it grows out.

And it does grow out again, you know...if you want it to... :D


Sherril said...

I agree. Go with three. Short and sassy says you're confident with who you are and it will highlight those beautiful eyes. It'll need frequent cuts to keep the look, but you will look dy-na-mite! Maybe I need to go shorter too.

Anonymous said...

I think #4 is a good compromise. DH's opinion is the most important!
I would make the top layers a bit shorter though to keep that heighth that you love.


Ali said...

I had to delurk to post my opinion on this one ;)

I *love* hairstyle three and I think it would suit you really well. It's clear from your post you want to try it.

It's a bit of a risk, but the payoff would be huge - there's nothing better than the confidence boost a sassy new haircut gives you. It's short, but it's not so short that it would take years to grow out if you or the hubby don't like it.

In my experience, husbands are usually scared of change, but after a week or so they get used to it, especially when they see the confidence the new hairstyle gives.

So my vote is you take the plunge and go for what you really want!


Shannon said...

Here's another vote for short hair. I had always had long hair (down to my waist for a good portion of my life) and I was terrified to cut it off too. I now wish I had done it sooner! My husband always said he only liked long hair too - until I got it cut - he quickly got over his long-hair-only stance and now he loves it. So, I say go for it! Besides, short hair will be much easier to care for - all those long hairdos you showed will take a ton of work to make them look like the photos. Personally, I would be too lazy to invest that much time into my hair each day and I would end up in a ponytail most days.

Anonymous said...

I like number 4, it will be easy to take care of and still have what you want. I cut my hair short 10 years ago and my husband followed with his a year later and we both love the freedom. margaret

Anonymous said...

I say #3, but with a little more length in the back especially so that your Dh will still be happy ;) Some of those cuts I've tried...and they look lovely, but creating that look at home is MUCH more of an effort that what one might think. The straight haired one especially.

As 3# grows out you'll be able to find the perfect length for both of you...short enough for you, but still pleasing to him. And who knows...he may love it??? My dh has not liked several things..than after a week or so of getting used to the change he loves it and prefers it over the old :)

Laura in VA

Laurie said...

OK, you asked for opinion. :) I think that you should go with what DH likes -- he has the honor of looking at and loving you in your hair. And if his input didn't matter to you, you wouldn't have asked for it. All the hairstyles are very cute. Also -- I have long hair and got it cut short about 5 years ago. It's taken me 5years to grow it back out. It is exhilarating when you first get it cut, but I really missed my hair and all the things (up, down, curl, style) that you can do with it long.

Anonymous said...

Charity ~

I don't often leave comments, so I hope I'm not breaching Netiquette by including a link...if I am, please forgive me!

In a slightly different direction:

Of the four pictures you posted, number three is the most "open" around the face -- the least encumbered by bangs or layers. The style above has a fun, tous-ly look, wouldn't hide your face, and would still leave lots of soft curls for DH.

You have a lovely face -- I don't think you can really go too far wrong with any of the styles!



Charity said...

Thanks for the link, Zanne. That is cute. She sure has a terrific smile, doesn't she? :) That's not a bad length either. Thanks for coming out of lurkdom to give me your input. I'll print it off and see what my stylist thinks.


Lorri said...

I think number 3 would be great on you. IMHO
I love your blogspot and especially the tutorials. Thanks so much for sharing.
Lorri from Salt Lake City Utah

Celaina said...

Actually I think you would look great in #3. YEP 3!

Alexandra said...

I vote for #3. Please note I am biased because I've kept my hair really short for about 8 years now.

lcourtneymom said...

Hi, Charity. I saw your hairstyle question on CHF.

I have to agree with Craig. I really like #1. But I'm not extremely adventurous. And while I would like #3, my dh would really NOT like that either. So my vote is #1!


Daffodil Hill said...

I may be too late in chiming in, but I like #1. Your DH likes it, and it would be a change even if not a major one. You can always do something more dramatic the next time around.

Papa had little to say about what I wore, but he liked my hair a certain way, and always with bangs. Over the years I have only made minor changes to update the style. I say go for a look your man likes. His is the opinion that really matters. : )