Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fashion Show Coming Saturday!

I received another wonderful package of GORGEOUS skirts in the mail today. This time from Noreen of New York. Three size 10s. They are sooooo cute and the construction is perfection. And the sweetest touch is that her little daughter made the tags and the artwork is heart-warmingly irresistible. How perfect is the timing on that? A mother-daughter package arriving on Mother's Day weekend? Serendipity.

So, Saturday you will be treated to a fashion show of Betty's (of Texas) TWELVE skirt sets. They are bright and tropical and kicky-fun! Perfect for a hot weather climate. And then I will also share Noreen-and-Daughter's (of New York) skirt sets. It will take me awhile to photograph 15 sets, so hence the Saturday showing. But the wait will be worth it. I'm so excited to see these packages starting to come in. I'm off to update our statistics (see sidebar). And for those still sewing, I will need time to reship them all as a group to my father before his trip in August. I will give you a set deadline as soon as I know his exact trip date. Ya'll are wonderful. I wish each and everyone of you could be with me as these packages arrive, are opened and each adorable gift discovered.



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