Saturday, April 05, 2008

Where We Stand

I am amazed that the requests to be involved in The Hundred Skirts Project continue to pour in. Almost daily! I thought I better get on the stick and post a progress report so that you all know what sizes are covered and which remain. So here it is...the count includes skirts which have been sewn by me, skirts I have already received from others and skirts promised, but not yet received. I will update this as skirts arrive and new participants come forward. Please know that if you had your heart set on sewing a size already covered, please go right ahead and do it anyway! A new dorm will soon be added and when it is completed, enrollment will grow. There will always be a need. And how cool if we exceeded our goal! So do what your heart tells you. :)

April 6th UPDATE - Received word of six more skirts being done by Sharon (see comments for link to her blog). I have updated the chart below to reflect that. We are well past the halfway point now with 68 skirts accounted for! Can I confess that I sit here puddling up and grabbing for the Kleenix?

Size 3Ts - DONE
Size 5Ts - DONE
Size 6 - 9 DONE, 1 cut out, but not yet assembled (mine)
Size 7 - 2 DONE, 8 NEEDED
Size 8 - 2 DONE, 8 NEEDED
Size 10 - 8 DONE, 2 NEEDED
Size 12 - 3 DONE, 7 NEEDED
Size 14 - 1 DONE, 9 NEEDED
Size 16 - 4 DONE, 6 NEEDED

8 Skirts promised, but sizes unknown. These are the attendees of a Mother-Daughter community service luncheon I will be having on April 15th. There will be 8 teenaged girls sewing skirts and I think most of them want to do their own sizes, which should be somewhere in the Sizes 12-Misses Small range.

In addition, to the children's sizes, I also need some Misses sizes for the older teenaged girls. Some of them are Plus sized. I will need to hear from the director for size guidance on these. I will post when I hear more about that, but for now these are the sizes I will need, but probably not as many of each as were needed for the children's sizes.

Misses Small -
Misses Medium -
Misses Large -
Misses XLarge - Have 1
Misses 2X

Can't begin to tell you how stunned and appreciative I am of the overwhelming response to this. I fully intended to plug away at these on my own, but how wonderful to get all this help! It's making it go so much faster which in light of the moved-up August deadline is just a godsend. Ya'll are the best! We always hear about how dangerous the Internet is and all the awful stories of predation and identity theft. But you never hear about stories like these...the amazing people doing great things for people they don't even know.

Blowing kisses...



Laura said...

Hi Charity, I was planning to contact you and see if you still needed some larger/plus skirts, as I'd be happy to do a few of those. I guess I'll wait until you know how many you need?

CharityinAlaska said...

Yes, Laura. I need to dialogue with the director about that. I will post as soon as I know. My father (who has worked there) is sending a letter of introduction so they'll know who I am. It could look bad if a stranger emails them and starts asking questions about how many girls, their ages and sizes. So a dialogue will be opened soon. I'll post the information as soon as I have it.

Thank you SO much for your willingness to help. It is much appreciated. Blessings!


Sharon said...

Hi Charity - to begin with I'll commit to sew two size 7, two size 8, and two size 12.

I have the size 12 skirts cut but not sewn and I'll dig through my stash today for fabrics for the other sizes.

CharityinAlaska said...

That's wonderful, Sharon! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and how much of a blessing this will be. Hugs to you. Thanks so much and I'll update the list.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project! I would like to make a size 8 skirt. Could you please contact me with the shipping address?

Anonymous said...

Hi Charity,

I found out about your project from another blog and I am so impressed with your idea! I would love to contribute 4 skirts and tops for you- size 8 unless you are in need of other sizes. Please email me with shipping information.

Meghan said...

Hi Charity,

I would love to contribute two misses small sized skirts to your project! Just let me know where to send them and they will be on their way!

Linda said...

I have some skirts I made in the past that are no longer wearable by me. Will those be acceptable? Also, is there a particular style that is preferred, say pull on with elastic, or zipper with waist band? Send me an email at with more info.