Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today's Plans

I have about five Saturday's worth of projects planned for today. I need to get the house looking pretty first. Then I want to do some baking for DH. The man has been soooo sweet to me lately. That's probably a day's worth right there, but I also want to get several tutorials up by midnight so I can enter them in Sew Mama Sew's tutorial contest. I have plans for one on embossing fabrics, stenciling fabrics, how to mix prints, adding decorative bands to towels, sewing twisted tucks and sewing sharksteeth. Okay...that's probably a week's worth right there. And then I want to finish a toddler's 4T tunic, a UFO from way back. I also have two skirts for the 100 Skirts Project to finish up, photograph and post. And... And... And...

Better get busy! Will post progress when and if I make any.



Paula said...

Charity, you are working too hard!

What's the url for Sew Mama Sew?

CharityinAlaska said...

The deadline for the tutorial entries is midnight tonight. There are some really great tutorials over there!