Friday, April 18, 2008

They're Going Like Hotcakes!!!

Tamara, a fellow Alaskan, has volunteered to finish up the Size 8s and Size 10s for us. That's a total of six skirts. You can visit Tamara's blog by clicking HERE. Thank you, Tamara. That takes us to six size categories closed out and 89 skirts total!!!! God bless you.

Size 3T: 10 – DONE
Size 4: 5 Sewn/Promised
Size 5T: 10 - DONE
Size 6: 10 - DONE
Size 7 – 10 - DONE
Size 8 – 10 - DONE
Size 10 – 10- DONE
Size 12 – 8 Promised/Sewn, 2 Needed
Size 14 – 4 Promised/Sewn, 6 Needed
Size 16 – 7 Promised/Sewn, 3 Needed
Misses Small – 4 Promised/Sewn, 6 Needed

The sizes below were added after I set a goal of 100 Skirts and so are not included in the original plan. After I started on my project, my mother mentioned that there were some older girls who would need large sizes, but she couldn't tell me exact sizes and how many of each. I have an email into the director and will give more info as soon as I hear from her.

Misses Medium – 1 Promised/Sewn
Misses Large - 2 Sewn
Misses Xlarge – 1 Sewn
Misses 2X –

UPDATE April 19th - Four more skirts promised. Three are sizes unknown. Total count now is...


UPDATE April 19th - Today I received an email that Marji of Fiber Arts Afloat has sent two Misses Large skirts in cotton batiks, a wonderful choice for the climate. You can visit her wonderful blog Fiber Arts Afloat to view her exquisite garments. And while you're there, give her an "atta girl" for her participation! :)

So the current total now stands at...


Ya'll are awesome!


Paula said...

Charity, this is so cool! I think you could get to 500 skirts if you wanted to.

I want to point out, though, that 6 of the size 3T skirts are still only "Promised" as I have not completed them. But I hope to finish another one this weekend.

I think there are enough PR-ers living in AK that you could have your own PR weekend.

CharityinAlaska said...

Yes, Paula - The "DONE" designation includes skirts that are promised, but not yet sewn or received. I think that's why it will be good to have some extra. There will always be a few cases of folks being unable to finish their donations because of circumstances beyond their control. I will be sewing extras in each size category just in case. After the count reaches 100 skirts promised, I'll start a count on my sidebar of skirts actually received.

Yes, I auppose we could have a PR weekend here. :) Though the distance from the Far North to our Southeast friends is just as great as from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast in the Lower 48 states. And flights are just as expensive as well. :( It's a big state. You could cut it in half and both halves would still be bigger than Texas! (Apologies to my Texan readers)

Marji said...

Don't know if you've seen it yet, but your blog and this project has just received a blurb and a link on Kathleen Fasanella's blog Fashion Incubator.
I hope you receive another influx of volunteers. Kathleens readership is large and loyal.

CharityinAlaska said...

Thanks for letting me know, Marji. I'll be sure to send her a thank you. And gear up for more responses. :) That was very sweet of her.


RuthfromWashington said...

I would really like to send a skirt to help out. I wear a women's 12 and it would most likely be in that size since my patterns are that size. Do you still need skirts? Where do I send it when I am done?

patsijean said...

I have 3 girl's size 14 skirts sewn (one top) and ready to box up. I will include some extra fabric as I know little about sewing for young girls. I hope these skirts are OK. I printed the pattern with the LivingSoft program and the sizing should be correct, but I have no clue. Could I have a shipping address to you please?

CharityinAlaska said...

Thank you SO much, Patsi. I have emailed you my address. Your participation is much appreciated. I don't believe I had you on my list previously? So this brings our count to 98 Skirts! How exciting. Almost there. :)