Thursday, April 03, 2008

Our First Bloggie Skirt!

The first skirt contributed by a blog reader arrived today. This one is from Lindsay T of Lindsay T Sews. It is sooo sweet. It's a size 6, which is perfect because that's the size I'm working on now. That means we are only 3 skirts away from closing this size out. And I know of one more Size 6 coming!

The skirt is made from a soft denim with tiny tossed red rosebud sprigs. It is very full which means the lucky little girl who receives it is going to have soooo much fun twirling to make it stand out! It also features this adorable vintage trim (60s era) of white roses and red gingham. The perfect touch. A little girl will just adore it. And as if the skirt wasn't wonderful enough, Lindsay has added a touch of trim to the tee's neckline which gives it the effect of a little button placket.

Thank you SO much, Lindsay. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your contribution. I know it's going to make some little girl smile from ear to ear!


PS - I apologize for the poor photo which doesn't do the skirt justice. It's a very overcast day today and i just couldn't get decent lighting.

1 comment:

Lindsay T said...

So happy I could contribute this. Love the photo and graphic touch. You are one creative chick. Enjoy your weekend!