Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Hundred Skirts Project Update - Almost There!

I have just heard from Patsi Jean of Adorable Affordable Design Mall. She is sending 3 Size 12 skirts. This puts our new total at 98 Skirts! Wow! How exciting! We are almost there. Here is the current category list. It doesn't come out to exactly 98 because there are some extras in some of the categories, because there were some skirts sent in a size I didn't include, and because some have been promised, but sizes not specified.

Size 3T: 10 – DONE
Size 4: 5 Sewn/Promised
Size 5T: 11 - DONE
Size 6: 10 - DONE
Size 7 – 10 - DONE
Size 8 – 11 - DONE
Size 10 – 10 - DONE
Size 12 – 11 - DONE
Size 14 – 4 Promised/Sewn, 6 Needed
Size 16 – 7 Promised/Sewn, 3 Needed
Misses Small – 4 Promised/Sewn, 6 Needed

The sizes below were added after I set a goal of 100 Skirts and so are not included in the original plan. After I started on my project, my mother mentioned that there were some older girls who would need large sizes, but she couldn't tell me exact sizes and how many of each. I have an email into the director and will give more info as soon as I hear from her.

Misses Medium – 1 Promised/Sewn
Misses Large - 2 Sewn
Misses Xlarge – 1 Sewn
Misses 2X –

UPDATE - One more skirt promised in a larger size. Exact size not specified. Which brings our total to...


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