Sunday, March 16, 2008

Organza Flower Applique

Kat asked how I created the organza flower appliques in the skirt below. It's really very simple....I cheated. :) LOL! The flowers are pieces of a trim that I purchased at Wal-Mart years ago. It was a by-the-yard trim of layer upon layer of these organza flower shapes. It was beautiful. Looked extremely expensive. Definitely NOT Wal_mart-ish. It came in this pale pink and a few other colors I don't recall right now. I bought it to use in the dress below. I wish I had bought a ton of it at the time. So I had a tiny bit of the trim left. I have used it in a variety of crafts for ethereal type appliques by simply cutting one flower off the trim and then separating the layers. So for the skirt's embellishment, I didnt' do anything but slap down three of the individual pieces and sew a button through their middles.

Lesson learned from this...when you find a fantastic trim or fabric at unbelievable price, rare quality and unlimited potential, buy a TON of it.


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Kat said...

Point well taken about buying the trim! What a cute little princess too!!