Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Navel Gazing

I'M still thinking about my stash-busting efforts and where they could lead me. Whether to self-indulgence and needless accumulation or to some more productive ends. I've been thinking about this all day and have the seeds of an idea germinating...

The Hundred Skirts Project.

I would make 100 skirts, each one different. I would make 10 each of 10 different sizes. Whether I did women's or girl's would depend on which charity I decided to donate to. Most likely children's because it's easier to fit and there is less personal taste issues involved. Though each would be a simple front-and-back piece, elastic waist a-line, I would make each one special, not just a quick knock-off. There would be some embellishment, an applique, a touch of beading, a series of tucks, etc. I would buy a simple tee to coordinate. I would wrap it pretty and put it in a large ziplock with a specially crafted tag that read..."The One Hundred Skirt Project" I would then name the outfit and assign it a number.

Example: Skirt #6 "The Zelda" (and that one might have a 20s era flapper inspiration to it)

Once I reached 100 I would donate them to the charity of my choice. I might see if some of the ladies and their daughters at church would be interested in joining me. I think I would blog each skirt as I went along.

I'd use up my stash. I'd get to indulge my love of design. I'd put my stash to better use than simply warehousing a million garments in my closet. I'm loving the idea. Will continue to mull this over and consider the possibilities.



Everyday Sewist said...

I love this idea! Probably because I myself like to make the same thing over & over.

Stacy said...

This is a wonderful idea, Charity. I sewed just one skirt for a charity project in Africa, and I should have done much more. I definitely had the stash to do it! I can't wait to see your skirts, and those girls are going to be so happy to get such beautiful gifts.

BTW, I found you through pattern review. :)