Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Going for It - Skirt #1 "Saddle Up, Cowgirl!"

I've decided to go for this idea. I'm really excited about it and had to get going right away. Last night I made Skirt #1, "Saddle Up Cowgirl!". I will pick up a brown top to go with it today And a little sheriff's star that I will make into a broach for the top.

I've also settled on the charity to which I'll donate the skirts. I've settled on an orphanage in Guatemala. My parents and my MIL have spent time working there. In addition, the founder and administrator of the orphange is from Palmer, about 20 minutes from here. So there are quite a few local contacts which will be helpful in securing the logistics of shipping when the time comes. You can learn more about the orphanage's work here I know roughly the most frequent sizes of the girls they get. I was going to make 10 different sizes of Girls 3,5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and Misses Medium and Large. The community where they live is quite conservative and the girls almost always wear dresses and skirts. I'm really excited about this and already have Skirt #2 in the works.

SKIRT #1, "Saddle Up, Cowgirl!"



Tamara said...

What a great skirt. I can't wait to see the other skirts you come up with. You are going to make 100 women and girls so happy.

Pamerla said...

Charity..I wonder if the girls would enjoy creating a skirt for your project? Sarah might want to practice beading and neither one has done any applique? I would love to see them use their new skills to bless others as well.