Monday, January 28, 2008

The Year of Persevering Productivity

I was reading a discussion online about the latest trend of "year-naming." Evidently New Year's resolutions are passe. Time management experts now believe that giving the year a name that indicates your intentions produces a better likelihood of meeting your proposed goals. Well, gee. If that's all it takes then....drumroll, please....

I NOW DUB THEE, 2008, THE YEAR OF....."Realized Skinnyhood".

Hopefully, you will see me in church next Sunday wearing my new size 6!

Okay, okay...I guess it doesn't work that way. All joking aside I do like the concept. It focuses things down to just a few words. And it is easier to pursue a concept than a long list of actual specific realities. I like the concept and I would like to put my hopes for this year into a snappy tagline. Some of the gals participating in the discussion I read online were planning on "The Year of Austerity" (a couple who wanted to pay down their debt) and "The Year of Integrity" (a gal who wanted her daily choices to reflect her values). My hopes for this year are simply to get a LOT done. I'd like to perfectly organize and clean every square inch of our home. I'd like to sew down my 800 yard stash. I'd like to REALLY get in shape. Marathon-running kind of shape. I'd like to make a ton of quilts. I'd like to make all my Christmas gifts by October. first thoughts were to name my year "The Year of Butt-Busting". However, my second thoughts encouraged me to think of something a little more ladylike. Something I could actually announce without sounding like Bart Simpson.

So this year for me is...."The Year of Persevering Productivity". Has a nice ring, huh? And with that in mind, I'm going to get off here and go clean up my sewing area so I can start my next stash-busting project. See below.


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