Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snowed In!

The Husband was supposed to come home today, but a blizzard hit the Slope. His oil field was declared a Phase Three Weather Conditions, meaning only emergency vehicles were allowed to travel. So his plane couldn't get out and he is still at work. Bummer. Since a good chunk of my day was freed up (I usually pick him up at the airport), I took the opportunity to get back at my suit. Only 8 days remain until the contest deadline. The remaining appliqu├ęs have all been attached. I have about 25% of the beading on this second front of the jacket done. I estimate about 3 more hours of beading left. I can then finish the final assembly of the jacket which is comprised of bagging the lining and setting in the sleeves. The skirt is already completed. I should make the deadline with some time to spare. I hope the weather will cooperate for photos! to pop in another disc of King of Queens to keep me occupied while beading. After this is done, I don't want to see another bugle bead for an eon or so.

As far as what project is next, I will begin another contest entry. This one is a designer knock-off contest. I'll be copying the navy and red Katy Rodriguez suit that appears below. However, I will be lengthening the skirt (I am 47yo, afterall) and making the blouse a bit more polished.



Pamerla said...

Okay Charity, you are going to have to explain this one to me. I mean...the poor girl looks to be anorexic and like someone should've helped her get dressed! Polkadots and plaid?..the jacket looks TOOO small and the shirt too long...and the skirt...well. I admit I have been living under a rock, but I really don't get this one.

CharityinAlaska said...

What can I say? I guess tastes vary. :) I LOVE this design. I've always found the matchy-matchy look to be too boring for my own style whether it's clothing or home decor. And the whole look works BECAUSE of the proportions. The short over long over short. I will have to lengthen the skirt to meet the requirements of modesty, but overall....I'm loving it! :) :)

(You can pretend like you don't know me when I wear it. *g* You won't hurt my feelings. :) )


Pamerla said...

LOL! I guess I have entered the fuddy duddy season of my life...or maybe I've always been there!

I'm sure you'll pull it off wonderfully and look smashing.

So glad you love me even though I don't have a clue...all my taste is in my mouth.