Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lost Day

Not much new happened on the crafting/sewing front today. I had a dental hygiene appointment which meant a whole day lost. The drive to Anchorage, during a heavy snowfall, was horrendous. Lots of blowing snow made visibility very difficult. The roads were icy and several cars were in the ditch. Our usual car, the one with those really great new gummy snow tires, was in the shop. Those tires are wonderful. I have felt really secure this winter. Not many things live up to their hype, but we are sure pleased with that product. But while my reliable winter car is in the shop, I have to drive the massive Suburban tank with the bad tires. So the driving today was very stressful. I barely made it back in time to pick Casey up from school and was in no state of mind to sew upon reaching home. I just wanted to crash.

So the only sewing progress today was on my wool suit. I had gotten up at 5 am this morning to do a little housecleaning and sewing. I sewed and lined the second sleeve and steam-tailored both sleeves on the sleeve roll. They are now ready for setting. And that was the full extent of today's progress. Only 15 days remain till the contest deadline. I'm hoping tomm. will be a full sewing day for me.

One bright spot in the day...At my usual thrift store stop, I found a discontinued Vogue dress pattern that I have been wanting for awhile. A basic sheath with a reverse facing neckline, banded sleeve edges, welt pockets and buttoned back closure. And for .69 cents. I want to make it in Fuschia and Navy for Spring. Or Kelly Green and Navy.


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Dawn said...

Your suit will be fabulous! Love the details.