Monday, October 22, 2007

Pics As Promised

Here are pics as promised. We have a few places where we need to touch up paint. We want to rip out carpet and put in wood floors next year. And I have a touch more accessorizing to do and want to find an occasional chair for the bare corner where the lanterns are hanging. But for the most part, we're done.

This is a radical style change for me. I've always loved pink, blue and buttercream yellow. Lots of flowers and hand-painted pottery. Mixed prints with cabbage roses, plaids, stripes all mixed together. Cottage hand-painted furniture and froo-froo ruffled couches. LOL! did I come to have an organic-earthy-craftsman-contemporary-with touches of prim living room? I'm not sure. It just happened! I got weary of clutter and froo-froo after 10 years. I felt overwhelmed and crowded and just needed some visual calm. So if things look kind of minimalist (for me, anyway!), that's why!

I'm thinking I want to stain the wood on this hutch cherry and paint the rest black with a walnut stain over the top to age it.

Thia is the corner that needs a little upholstered reading chair and floor lamp. I'm thinking burgundy velvet or maybe a leaf print?


Peg said...

Hi Charity, I love what you've done,the soft beiges in your home are mmmmm, we have similar in our sitting room and the compliments we get are how relaxing it is to sit and unwind there in the evenings. Don't wear yourself out stripping and repainting/staining the hutch it would go perfect in my sewing room so to save you the hassle of hard work just pop it on a ship and send her on her way across the ocean. I promise to make her send you regular updates on how we're treating her :o)

Daffodil Hill said...

I'm loving this new look! Your ideas for the hutch sound perfect. Nice work!

Connie said...

Hi Chairty,
SO glad to see you have your own blog. I loved your cottage rooms and remember when you decorated them. However, we all need a change and I love the clean, uncluttered look. I have been through been changes over the years and that's what keeps us going. I always like seeing your beautiful dog in your pictures. I from the old CSDI board.

Ruth said...

Charity - I finally stopped by your blog, and I love everything I see! Would you like to come and paint MY house???? Will you at least help me pick COLORS?