Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back to My First Love

I've been really busy for more than a year keeping my craft business inventoried. Since I moved to Etsy and added a supply store, things have really been hopping and I've been very hard-pressed to keep them stocked. Then add in a local boutique to stock and throw in a remodeling project...well....let's just say that my sewing machine has gathered dust for a couple of years now. I've had request projects from friends and gifts for others that have been sadly neglected. A dress promised a gal at church. A quilt for a new baby. Some jean hemming my son needs done. Some stitcheries.

I finally decided that inventory will just have to empty out for awhile as I need to get to these other projects. So yesterday I started on one that has a deadline in a few weeks - three matching sibling outfits for some adorable little cuties to wear meeting Daddy at the airport as he return from more than a year of service in Iraq! I haven't sewn children's wear in about two years so I'm having lots of fun. The two little girls will have matching pink floral dresses (small scale because they are just little bits). Mom wanted camo, so they will have pink camo pinafores over the top of their classically styled dresses. The 7 yo boy will have cargo pants from the same pixallated camo that Dad wears. They will have all kinds of cool pockets and loops from which I will hang a small compass, flashlight and whistle. He will have a hoodie decked out in patches, pockets and flag embroidery. I will share pics as the project progresses.



Candice said...

That is such a cute idea about the camo clothing to meet dad at the airport! You will definitely have to post pics of those when they are done.

mountain-quiltist said...

Charity, I saw your posting on Stashbusters and now I'm bookmarking your blog. Your quilts are yummy and your home warm and inviting. Think I'm going to love reading what you're up to.