Friday, September 07, 2007

And She Stumbles Just Short of the Finish Line...

Well, bummer...I have never had a back problem in my life and wouldn't you know it, back pain decides to make its debut right as I'm finishing up this project. I was simply walking through a doorway yesterday when I felt something just "give way" in my lower back. I was suddenly flooded with pain. Whoa! Never had THAT happen before. So this is what people are talking about when they're whining about back pain. I'll be more sympathetic from now on! *g*

Anyway, just putting my clothes on and driving my kid to school will take heroic effort on my part. So finishing up this room or doing anything besides lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself is out for awhile. I will finish up my room, report here and resume regular blogging as soon as this passes. And I hope it passes quickly because simply lying around has never been my forte.



Sandy said...

Gosh, sure hope you feel better. Back pain is nothing to sneeze at--

Bejeweled said...

So sorry you are in pain. Hope you feel better soon!

Pamela said...

You poor thing!!!! We can relate here!!

Oh MLE tried on a dress that her Great Great grandmother wore to cut hay with back in Nebraska. The three sisters were known for their ability to cut hay. I can't begin to imagine doing it in this dress..I'll have to get a photo for you.

Prayers for a quick recovery!

Daffodil Hill said...

Hope you're feeling better! Back pain is a real bummer. If you haven't already, put ice packs on it - not heat. Heat feels good, but swells the tissues unless it is alternated with ice.

Your studio is FABULOUS! I might even decide to sew a little if I had a room like that. ; )