Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cottage Shelf

I couldn't resist. I had to go back and buy the shelf unit mentioned below. I'm still not positive about using it in the kitchen, but I loved the piece so much that I decided I would find a place for it somewhere! So if the measurements prove it to be a match then tomm. holds a new adventure. I have to figure out how to remove a kitchen cupboard from the wall. Then I need to paint the wall behind it. I have a lovely soft mocha picked out for repainting the kitchen and I may as well do it while the cupboard is removed. Then I have to figure out how to rehang this shelf unit securely enough so that it can bear the weight of all my favorite pottery and china it will display. The last thing I want is it to coming crashing down in the middle of the night with all my favorite pieces in it!'s the new, old piece.

As long as I'm sharing pics, this is a darling children's print from the 30s that I found at the same antique store and listed on Ebay yesterday. It reminds me of Hummels. :)


The Glitter Fairy said...

So glad you got the shelf. You'll love it! Your old cabinet is most likely screwed into studs in your kitchen make sure you screw the new shelf into studs, too, with heavy duty screws. Your home center can probably tell you which ones to use.
You might even want to take the doors off some of your other cabinets and have an open shelf style kitchen which is popular now (as it was in the old days). Our cabinets have never gotten finished with doors and I actually love how they look. It's also very easy to access what's inside, although they do collect dust, but oh well!
Good luck!

CharityinAlaska said...

Thanks for the tips. I figured the safest thing would be to use the same holes the cupboard was using. However, that would mean screwing right through my new cabinet. The existing hanging holes are not placed where they would be into the studs. And if I did use the existing holes, I'm not sure how I would find where they are once the cupboard was in set into place awaiting attachment and thereby covering them up? I'm such a klutz at these kinds of things and, of course, I dream up a new project while DH is out of town. And I"m too impatient to wait until he gets home on Wednesday!

I'll figure it out. Maybe I'll ask the guys at the home improvement store when I go to pick up my paint.