Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Favorite Seasonal Find

This is one of my favorite summer finds. I found it about mid-May at a Salvation Army store. It was only $3.00 and I grabbed it as soon as I spotted it. I had a handful of compliments and an equal number of coveteous glances before I made it to the register and sealed the deal. Since I'm a terrible gardener I agonized about what to plant in it. After much googling with search terms such as "gardening moron" and "murderproof plants" I decided to plant it with Salvia and whatever those little purple things are. I've already forgotten their name. That's how bad of a gardener I am. But a month later, they're still alive! Must be the utter appeal of this rustic, funky birdhouse planter. Who wouldn't flourish in such a charming home?

1 comment:

Pamerla said...

Took me awhile to "get it". Cute. I wonder if Tony could make me one. I'll have to stop by for a better visual. Clever!