Thursday, December 14, 2006

Smocking anyone?

I admit's all about Ebay Fee Avoidance. So sue me! :) I do not want to have to pay about $15 in fees to list and sell my Dr. Joe's 24 Row Pleater, so if you're interested give me a holler. It's brand new in the box. I bought it about 8 years ago for $180 and have never used it. Took it out of the box one time and checked it out and that's it. It's now selling for $319 on the Pullen website! Wow..the power of inflation. I'm selling mine for $150 plus shipping. Note: I'll be leaving on the 20th for the holidays so if I don't get back to you that's why.


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jemima bean said...

Someone will happen along I'm sure! I have a Super Amanda myself that I adore...but dd has sadly just about outgrown smocking :( (She's 9)

There are stilla few things in AS&E that I can make for her, so I'm keeping mine for the duration! LOL.

You might post a message on MP's website forums. Those ladies are very nice & I"m sure someone would be interested. Delphiforums is another site many smockers visit (Heirloom Sewing? Can't remember the forum name, sorry!)

Visit my blog or give me a shout if you can't find either one!