Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tea Party

I've been messing around with tea and coffee dyeing this weekend. I have some vintage 60/70s home decor samples, but was wanting a bit of a "primitive grungy" look. So I dumped them in a vat of strongly brewed tea and coffee and left them overnight. Then I soaked them in salt/vinegar water to attempt to set the stain. However, it mostly washed out. And I had to supplement the jacket project with some non-vintage pieces that didn't make it into the vat. So...I bought some commercial tea dye and will re-dye the whole jacket/matching hat when it gets completed. I am still working on the jacket, but here's a rough idea...

The jacket/hat set will go up for auction on December 4th or so. The heart is a removeable pin that will also act as a sachet as I intend to paint and bake it with a mixture of coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. It will be much darker and more primitive-looking.


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