Friday, November 24, 2006

Groovy, man, groovy!

I found this fun 60s era oversized vintage citrus print a few weeks ago. It just screamed "little girl's go-go dress". So that's what I did. I just have to apply the grommets around the hemline and 3 in the front of the hat. I'm a little concerned about comfort for the wearer. The grommets front stem are going to extend beyond the back plate. I'm concerned that it might poke the future wearer. :( Will have to put one into a sample piece and see how much of a real issue it might be. I am still working on a little space-age purse from a clear plastic vinyl to go with the dress. I want to sandwich something between the layers of plastic, but can't settle on something "futuristic" looking that will still allow the sides of the purse to lay flat. This dress is a size 4/5 and will go up for auction on December 4th.


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PamperingBeki said...

I LOVE this!! Wish it were a size 6.