Thursday, August 31, 2006

1:48 a.m.

I'm too tired to try to be either witty or profound. The pictures will have to speak for themselves. I finished these 3 costumes up and had our photo shoot today.



Linda said...

Wow! Great costumes.

Nancy said...

great clothes-what fun it must be for the model. Just visited Alaska on vacation-hope you weren't in the area that flooded.

Charity said...

Thanks, Ladies! Unfortunately, Nancy, it is our valley that was flooded and declared a disaster area. Our family, however, was not negatively impacted in any way. Other than we were out hiking that weekend in all that rain. We were trying to make a 23 mile mountain pass traverse, but had to turn back because of soaked gear and flooded creeks and trails.

Lisa Laree said...

Beautiful work, Charity!

Lil Texan Duds said...

Hi Charity,

Have I told you today how awesome you are?

Love Ya,