Saturday, June 10, 2006

Red and Brown

Brown has been the "hot" neutral for the last few years. Popular color combinations were brown and pink, then brown and blue, and most recently brown and green. Yesterday I read on the James Girone website that brown will continue strong this fall, only this time paired with red! I haven't yet seen this new color combo showing up in our local fabric stores, but am eager to see what develops. I did, however, find this beautiful Tracey Porter print recently which featured warm fall colors of brown, red, orange, yellow and green. Taking my cue from Girone, I decided to pair it with some red coordinates to make the girl's skirt below. It's not quite finished yet. I still have to sew on the ribbon and finish up the hem. I will be creating a tie-front faux twinset to go with it - in a lovely red sweaterknit. And I still have enough of this fantastic Tracey Porter print for one more design!


1 comment:

mamafitz said...

wow, that's a beautiful skirt! lovely lovely fabric.

(i found your blog via lisa's: sew random).